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01 Day

At Bandaranayake International Airport, our chauffeur will meet and greet you in English. then proceed to Kandy securely. Visit the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, which is nearby. On the way, you may also see natural spice and herbal plantations. Visit the Temple of the Tooth Relic (Dalada Malaigawa), a World Heritage Site. Don`t forget to tour Kandy City, which served as Sri Lanka`s final capital prior to being occupied by the British.

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

The word `elephant orphanage` may be unfamiliar, yet it is entirely factual and real. The quiet grounds are committed to providing a natural habitat for captive elephant babies ranging in age from weeks to fifty years. The herd can be housed at the only orphanage of its sort on the planet to date.

The Pinnawela elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka was founded in 1975 on a nine-hectare plot of ideal coconut plantation land. There were only seven orphans at the start. Some of this generation`s members have now given birth to the second and third generations, and the story continues.

Matale Spice and Herbal Garden

Visit a spice garden in Matale to learn about the many spices that Sri Lanka is famous for. The Matale spice gardens, located just 25 kilometers from Kandy`s hill capital, are among the greatest on the island. You`ll be introduced to many spices and shown how some of them are farmed and prepared. Visitors are welcome to meander through the gardens and learn about nutmeg, pepper vines, clove trees, curry, cinnamon, and the rare cardamom, a relative of ginger. It grows in the shade of high jungle trees and can only be harvested by hand. Visitors can purchase spices, traditional cures, and cosmetics; sample a herbal brew; and, in some cases, enjoy the full flavors of Sri Lankan spices over lunch or an Ayurveda massage based on natural garden products.

Tooth of Temple Kandy

The Sri Dalada Maligawa (or Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic) is a Buddhist temple that houses Lord Buddha`s tooth relic. It is located within the royal palace complex of the ancient Kingdom of Kandy. Kandy was the last great capital of Sri Lanka`s ancient monarchs, and the presence of the temple is one of the main reasons why the city was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The relic housed within the temple has played an important part in Sri Lanka`s political history, as it was believed that the keeper of the relic had the authority to rule the country. The protection of the tooth relic became one of the monarch`s duties, and it became a symbol of the right to reign over time. This is why the temples built to protect the relic were so close to the monarch`s royal home.

02 Day

We leave the hotel after breakfast. Then take a rail journey from Kandy to Haputale through the tea plantations, which will take you through breath-taking scenery in the hill country.

Train Ride

The train journey will take you through manmade tunnels. Places to look out for are Nawalapitiya, Hatton, and Haputale. Grey stone cliffs and rivers will flash past your window with occasional views of enormous waterfalls cascading down the mountainside. While the train climbs steadily through to Hatton, then Nanu Oya, if you are going to Nuwara Eliya, you must stop here.

03 Day

After breakfast, we should depart for Ella via Haputhale. You might pass Lipton`s Seat Viewpoint and tea plantations on route. Next, you should make the quick ascent to the nine-arch bridge. This will lead you to breathtaking hill country beauty.

Lipton`s seat view point and Tea plantations

A well-known vantage point is Lipton`s Seat, where Thomas Lipton used to sit with a cup of tea in his hand and proudly survey his estate. One of the most beautiful views can be seen from here as the sun rises, the hills move from a deep blue to a brilliant green, and the sky changes from lavender to a burst of pink and orange before turning blue. Even calling this view wonderful would be an understatement. Plan your visit properly because, by noon, a layer of mist covers the vistas. This place is unquestionably one that everyone should see and enjoy.

Ella nine arch bridge

The Nine Arches Bridge is an ancient bridge located in the hill town of Ella in Sri Lanka, 3 kilometers from Ella Railway Station. It is one of Ella`s most well-known landmarks, also known as Ahas Namaye Palama, or the Bridge in the Sky. The Nine Arch Bridge is a wonderful stone bridge built among lush green tea plantations with breathtaking mountains in the background. It`s at Demodara, between the Ella and Demodara train stations. This historic structure is 91 meters long and 24 meters high, and it never fails to captivate travelers with its beauty. The renowned bridge stands out against the lush green backdrop, and the rocky path includes a hiking trail as well as stops at waterfalls, ancient caverns, and tea plantations. The bridge is well-known among tourists and locals alike, who flock to see the iconic blue train slowly making its way across the bridge. It is also an excellent location for photography and filming. There are several eateries on the slopes with views of the bridge.

04 Day

We should leave at 8:00 a.m. for Arugambey. You can see Little Adams Peaks along the way. After that, visit the Rawana Cave and Rawana Waterfall.

Ella Little Adam peaks

Little Adam`s Peak, named due its likeness to the famed Adam`s Peak/Sri Pada, is Ella`s smaller sibling and a must-see. The trip to the top of Little Adam`s Peak is rather straightforward; at 1141m, it is more of a two-hour leisurely walk. The trail to Little Adam`s Peak is also extremely easy to find because it is plainly marked.

The trip begins on reasonably flat ground and is rather scenic because you`re surrounded by teaplants; however, the higher you go, the steeper the trail becomes, so it`s better to wear walking shoes.

Rawana waterfall

Ravana Falls is a waterfall that should not be missed when visiting Ella. Ravana Falls is firmly at the top of the list of stunning waterfalls in Sri Lanka`s hill country. The falls are pretty magnificent, and you can get a closer look by climbing over some of the rocks. If you adore water and want to spend some time splashing around in the water fall, this is the place to be in Ella. You can swim for a while, but be careful because the rocks are slippery. It is currently one of the country`s widest falls. This waterfall is about 25 meters (82 feet) tall and cascades from an oval-shaped concave granite outcrop. The waterfall is believed to resemble an areca flower with withering petals during the local wet season. This is not the case during the dry season, when the flow of water is drastically reduced.

Rawana cave

2 kilometers outside of Ella town, at a height of 1370 meters, sits the Ravana Cave. It is one of Ella`s most significant historical tourism destinations. According to legend, King Ravana utilized the Ravana cave to hide Princess Sita. The Ravana Cave must be visited if you have any interest in Sri Lankan history and are willing to walk some stairs to get there. It is unquestionably among the enjoyable things to do in Ella, Sri Lanka.

05 Day

On a leisure day, the sun casts a warm, gentle glow, and the air carries a hint of tranquility. It`s a day for solitude or shared moments with loved ones, a day when you become the curator of your own happiness.

Your leisure day is an empty canvas awaiting your strokes of joy, where the palette is filled with colors of relaxation, curiosity, and self-discovery.

06 Day

We has to get up at 2.30 p.m. to be ready for afternoon. Yala National Park Wild Safari by Safari Jeep (The Vehicle Prepared to See Around) Yala National Park is Sri Lanka`s most visited and second-largest national park. Elephants, leopards, crocodiles, and other wildlife can be seen in the open jungle.

Yala National Park

Yala, Sri Lanka`s most popular and second-largest national park, has a long history as a conservation hotspot in the country`s east, dating back to the early twentieth century, when it was first established as a wildlife refuge. The area was designated a national park in 1938 because it was home to a varied array of flora and fauna, including numerous endangered species such as elephants and leopards and a diversity of bird species. The park is separated into five zones, each with its own distinct features and animals. The most popular zones are 1 and 5, which are recognized for their abundance of animals, particularly leopards. There are several entrances to the park, but the most popular is the Palatupana entrance. This gate is located near Tissamaharama and is the most easily accessible by public transit. You can enter the park through various gates, but the most popular one is the Palatupana entrance. This gate is located near the town of Tissamaharama and is the easiest to access by public transportation.

07 Day

We should leave at 8:00 a.m. for Dikwella. You can view the Mulkirigala Rock temple, and watch Blow hole along the way. After that, relax at the hotel. Overnight stay, Dikwella.

Mulkirigala Rock temple

Tangalle`s Mulkirigala Rock Temple, also referred to as Mulkirigala Raja Maha Viharaya in the local tongue, is a wonderful day trip destination. You must ascend to the top of the temple, which is carved into a 673-foot-tall rock, to see the stunning stupa and the surrounding area. Due to its amazing architectural design, the rock is often referred to as `Little Sigiriya`; it is merely less well-known than the Sigiriya Rock Fortress. Visit the temple, which includes five significant areas—Siyambalamaluwa, Bomaluwa, the Royal Temple Compound, the Upper Temple Compound, and the Lower Temple Compound—to view the different paintings, sculptures, and architectural elements. The temple is known as an important archaeological site.


Hummanaya or Hoo-manaya is taken into account to be a blowhole placed in Dickwella, near to Matara. it`s alleged to be the second-largest blowhole in the world.It is usually referred to as Hoo because the sound hoo will be detected from the blowhole once it`s active. it`s one of the key traveler destinations in the southern land, and it`s settled next to the little fishing village Kudawella. It is a typical situation wherever the water comes up whenever reckoning on the character of the seasons off Dickwella. we can see a lot of water arising throughout the off-season amount (April- September). The shoot can reach 25- 30 m tall sometimes. You`ll be able to additionally see the data center closing by the locals on the marine life within the space. Ideally, you ought to come back to go to the blowhole throughout April – September in each year to induce a decent sight of the blowhole.

08 Day

Same as last morning, have to wake up early Morning. You will visit the historic Galle city and Dutch fort. Following the Dutch fort, you will visit the Turtle hatchery.

Dutch fort Galle

Within the fort, Fifty Lighthouse Street is the ideal starting point from which to see all that Galle has to offer. Stroll along the ramparts and take in the imposing buildings like the Galle Lighthouse, the Galle Clocktower, and the Groote Kerk, all of which have been preserved in their former splendor. Only a native from within the fort would know the details of a Galle Fort Walking Tour with us. Our walking tour takes you into the backstreets of this famous fort, where you`ll see adorable buildings, museums, historic sites, and more while learning all kinds of fascinating facts about the Galle Dutch Fort.

Turtle Hatchery

The hatchery and rescue facility look after five different types of turtles. These species include the Green Turtle, Hawksbill Turtle, Leatherback Turtle, and Olive Ridley Turtle. Modern water tanks are included in the facilities at the sea turtle hatchery and rescue center, which also provides care for adult turtle species that have been pulled from the water after suffering injuries.

09 Day

We leave the hotel after breakfast and transport you to colombo. Then go on a Colombo city tour to see more lovely scenery. You can also get experience of the Sri Lanka capital. Goodbyes on the last day are like the final brushstrokes on a masterpiece, each one adding depth and meaning to the canvas of your travel experience.

Colombo City Tour

Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, is home to a thriving mix of dining, shopping, and cultural events. It also serves as the island`s lifeline. The Seema Malaka and neighboring Gangaramaya Temples are located on the gorgeous Beira Lake in the center of the city, which is framed by Colombo`s developing modern cityscape. The National Museum, a restored colonial governor`s home located near the beautiful Viharamahadevi Park and the iconic Independence Square, is the perfect place to travel back in time. The Arcade Independence Square, a renovated colonial structure that today contains a variety of designer companies and upscale eateries, is located next to this significant monument.

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